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The Secret to
More Business Profits?
 More Buying Customers!

 Local business owner wants to retain existing customer base and attract new ones? Here's an easy on your pocket viral email marketing service that gives

a great ROI. May not be for you, but if you watch the video below ​you can decide.  

Why You’ll Love Our Method

Our service works to keep existing customers up to date and in the loop with changes or items of interest at your business. Not to badger readers with endless sales emails, just a monthly update. Incorporated within each monthly news letter a no cost monthly prize draw provides a worthwhile prize for a lucky participant, who if not already a customer knows where you are to become one.


Our method has the added value of ​a viral encourage aspect which is proving to swell business customer numbers continually.

idea for local business viral email marketing

this feels good

winning a viral prize draw

               I'm a winner

​The Joy of Prize Draws

Most people like the potential of a free or discounted product or service, especially if its something that forms part of regular or daily life needs. 

When this style of prize is offered at no cost with incentives to share socially, good business things start to happen.

When your regularly engaged customers are ready for the service your business provides, they are more likely to choose yours. 

What Comes from Good Prizes

The beauty of our service, it's tailored to fit right in with your existing local business routine.

If you have a restaurant, then a food and drink prize is a great idea. For a hairdressers

 then a popular style cut or colour and wash and dry will make an attractive prize.

​    Pleasing to win discounts or products as prizes from your business ​puts more 

    eyes on your business, and helps fulfil our promise to add value to you.

email now for new client discount: mike@advalu2u.com

What Our Customers May Say

Very pleased with the increase in customer numbers this service has produced. Happy to recommend as the ROI is more than I expected.

Nice Lady Hairdresser

Very easy to get started and to keep track of the positive results from this service. I'm glad Mike offered me sole rights in my local area. 

Co Restaurant Owner

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