Escape The Prison of The 9 to 5

Plan To Escape The Prison of The 9 to 5

Hi most welcome visitor to my blogging style website. Advalu2u Mike here looking forward to sharing some working from anywhere with internet connection ideas for making extra money online with you. During my 50 years as an employee I’ve stumbled on a few de-motivators and mostly managed to stay cheerful. Right now I’m seeking much more than cheerful, and I believe to find it I must, amongst other things, first escape the prison of the 9 to 5.

escape the prison of the 9 to 5

have you befriended the rat?

Have you read any good self help books? Crikey Moses there’s been a good few of those little beauties through my hands over the last couple of decades. Thinking back over the years I seem to have read a good few self help books,  none of which I’m plugging at this time, but maybe later, so please prepare yourself for the odd affiliate link. Although I pride myself as a well rounded positive thinker with no regrets, not £1 have I conjured up so far online. So no chance of me spinning you a smart line on how to make a fortune quick and online just yet. Been mesmerised into starting a few things: Amazon shop, local leads generation, arbitrage, Fiverr gigs and just lately affiliate marketing. Distractions and the mindset of a buyer not a seller have cost me dearly in time and money. Each time foolishly finding a reason to change direction before completion of that particular model.

Sooner or later we can choose to learn from life’s lessons to realise that unless something started also gets finished, then the chances of making any money, and actually profiting from those initial efforts are nil. Yes it’s me that spent all that time and money for a hard drive clogged with PLR products and a whole stack of now outdated JVZoo stuff. So the time is here for a different Mike style. My aim on is to provide sincere and ongoing value to you my visitor, that you may learn along with me, that we may gradually and steadily move towards that distant job exit door, to escape the prison of the 9 to 5. On the other side beckons new challenges, probable self employment, more work life balance options and greater financial security than possibly you, and definitely me, are currently faced with. Scary thought isn’t it, but fortune favours the bold. So a little bold will be forthcoming.

training to know more

add knowledge value

Armed with a few new tools that I’ll list as 1- change of thinking, 2- a plan to follow, 3- fear of folding up or dying before succeeding. The change of thinking is simply a stated personal rule to stick to one idea, singly and without deviation or distraction until successfully generating that first goal of £400 pounds gross extra income each month before I’m 70. I know it’s not a startling amount, but as an extra amount, will still provide more life choices than available now. Part-time employed and 68 now, (only 28 in the head thankfully) I’m still fit enough to work overtime to fund life’s little luxuries like the upcoming week in Crete with Sheila, my amazing missus these past 38 years. Working less overtime certainly appeals. Could you use some extra ackers, moolah, wonga, dosh, dough, green backs, filthy lucre, lolly, cash, bees and honey, pounds, money?

Plenty of people are making good money from working on-line, and with the right attitude and desire…I believe you and perky pensioner me can too. Are we are determined of mind enough to follow through? Say yes. My aim is to earn a few very useful extra self employed pounds. By following the guidance of a couple of already successful writers, I will learn and gladly share some tips and experiences of my journey. If the trip appeals, please look in now and again. I’m not a fervent writer yet, give a little time. Then together we can consider the appeal of more life choices and maybe fix a plan to escape the prison of the 9 to 5.

All the Best

Advalu2u Mike

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